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Siba collects tyres throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. There is an organisation in both of these countries for monitoring the disposal of used tyres and which also sets out the regulations for the handling of used tyres. The ultimate objective is that used tyres are no longer disposed of in the environment but that they are instead given a new lease of life. This may be as used tyres or in the form of raw materials for new products.

The two schemes are funded by environmental contributions paid to RecyBEM or Recytyre on the sale of new tyres. The environmental contributions enable Siba to collect used tyres free of charge.


RecyBEM Certificaat  RecyBEM (Netherlands):
Only used car tyres, trailer tyres and caravan tyres for which an environmental contribution was paid fall under RecyBEM regulations. Such tyres may only originate from vehicles with a maximum weight of 3500 kg per vehicle. 
No other used tyres fall under the RecyBEM scheme. Payment therefore needs to be paid for the collection of such tyres (contact one of our representatives for more information).
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Recytyre (Belgium):
All used tyres for which an environmental contribution was paid fall under the Recytyre scheme. The Recytyre scheme covers the following types of tyre: 
car tyres, trailer tyres, caravan tyres, motorbike tyres, scooter tyres, karting tyres, 4x4 tyres, SUV tyres, van tyres, light business vehicle tyres, truck tyres, semitrailer tyres, bus tyres, farm tyres and quad tyres.

If the tyres for collection do not fall under the scheme or no environmental contribution has been paid, then please contact one of our representatives to find out what the costs will be for having Siba collect the tyres.

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