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How Siba works

New clients first come into contact with our representatives. A representative will visit you to discuss our services and the options Siba offers. Once you have become a client, contact will primarily be with our drivers. There are ten Siba trucks on the road every day. The trucks are equipped with a loader crane, which allows them to lift containers and racks and empty them into the truck. This means that the container or rack can remain at your site - only the used tyres are transported to Uden.

In addition to our representatives and drivers, a full team of people also works for Siba in Uden. Our office staff are mentioned above so that you know who to ask for if you have a specific question.

We also have ten inspectors working for us who each day subject the tyres collected to a visual inspection. This is traditional expertise of which we are proud. These inspectors enable us to sell some of the tyres collected. Our warehouse staff ensure that the saleable tyres are made ready for dispatch when orders are placed and that they are loaded into the cargo containers in a unique way. More information regarding the inspection and loading of car tyres can be found under 'Used tyre sales'.

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