Collection system

Siba collects both small and large quantities of used tyres. Our services are so comprehensive that we are always able to offer a solution for the disposal of your used tyres. If you qualify for disposal of your tyres through the RecyBEM (Netherlands) or Recytyre (Belgium) scheme, then there is no charge. If you are not affiliated to either of these schemes, then one of our representatives will calculate the costs for you, based on the disposal method and the number of tyres involved.

Your tyres - our concern:

  • Siba clients are provided with a tyre container or rack on loan (depending on the number of tyres involved per year and the space available).
  • When the rack or container is almost full, phone or e-mail Siba and we will come and empty it within eight working days.
  • It is also possible to schedule for containers or racks for larger clients to be emptied periodically.
  • Drivers use a loader crane for emptying containers or racks on site. The weight of the tyres is printed onto the purchase order, a copy of which is given to you. This means that you are immediately informed of the weight of the tyres collected from you by Siba.
  • Siba works with RecyBEM (Netherlands) and Recytyre (Belgium). These organisations register the disposal of used tyres on behalf of the authorities.
  • All tyres are inspected in Uden by our own inspectors. Tyres still suitable for sale are stored in our warehouse; scrap tyres are fully recycled! This means that there is an environmentally friendly solution for all the used tyres we receive.

Becoming a Siba client

If you would like to become a Siba client, then please make an appointment with one of our representatives who will then visit you to discuss the best solution for your company.

Together with you, our representative will look at:


  • the number of used tyres you have for disposal each year;
  • the amount of space available for a container or rack;
  • the accessibility of your site for our trucks when coming to empty the container or rack;
  • whether you currently have used tyres available that can be collected straight away when the container or rack is brought; 
  • whether tyres can be collected in accordance with the RecyBEM (Netherlands) or Recytyre (Belgium) scheme;
  • whether you, as a new client, have any other specific requests

If you are not yet affiliated to RecyBEM or Recytyre, then Siba can help you with registration. On becoming a Siba client you will be issued with a unique customer number, which is used for accessing all the relevant details associated with your company. This makes it easy for us to find any information required, even it relates to past orders.



The general terms and payment conditions of the VACO trade association apply to all goods and services we supply.


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